kidney rhyme

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Shocked by the statistic that 26 million Americans1 in 9 adults, have kidney disease…and 90% don’t even know it, Raymond and Analyn Scott knew it was time to sound an alarm. 

From “crashing” into dialysis 21 years ago, through the domino effect that followed, to becoming a patient advocate, Raymond says he would go through it all over again if it was his purpose to be a catalyst for change and to save lives

The book follows the Scott family’s journey and weaves other kidney disease warrior’s stories, as well as, risk factors, statistics, research and solutions that are often overlooked or hidden in the shadows due to lack of awareness and complacency to accept the status quo.  

An incredible twist of fate provides a solution to Raymond that far exceeds his expectations and proves to be life-saving, and a game-changing puzzle piece in the fight against kidney disease.

Regardless of what you know, don’t know, or think you know about kidney disease, the information, and stories shared by the Scott’s and the 1in9 Tribe co-authors will surprise, enlighten, inspire and empower you to take action

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