raymond scott

"I’m grateful for kidney failure because it makes me appreciate every day of life."

Raymond Scott was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. As an adult he served in the U.S. Army, in fact, it was the Army that eventually brought Raymond to Arizona where he lives with his wife and two children. Raymond shares his Southern roots and love for cooking when he entertains friends and family at home.

raymond scott

More Than A Survivor

After “crashing” into dialysis in 1998 at the age of 29, Raymond has far exceeded the average 5-10 year life expectancy for someone on dialysis. He has been on nearly every dialysis modality and was blessed to have his brother Rome donate a kidney to him in 2001 that lasted for 5 years. For over 8 years, Raymond’s wife, Analyn, has been administering his hemodialysis treatments in their home. Being able to administer his dialysis treatments at home, 5 days a week, has given Raymond a new lease on life!

There have been many more twists and turns in his journey, but Raymond says he would go through it all over again if it was his purpose to be a catalyst for change and to save lives.

The Educator

With a renewed purpose, and knowing that public awareness of this often preventable, and if diagnosed in time, reversible disease is needed, Raymond and Analyn Scott have become champions for change.

Raymond speaks to other dialysis patients and medical professionals about the option of home dialysis and the benefits he has found.

Together, the Scott’s educate the public about awareness, prevention, living healthy on dialysis, and are passionate advocates for expedited research and development of regenerative medicine and new treatment options – not just to extend Raymond’s life longer but to do the same for countless others.

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raymond scott

The Dancer

Six months of grueling dance lessons in between dialysis treatments prepared Raymond Scott to dance energetically across the stage to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” as a Celebrity Star Dancer at the 2016 Dancing With the Stars NKF AZ Gala – ironically 18 years to the exact day that his kidneys failed.

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