The Funky Diabetic

We are a Tribe of Kidney Disease Warriors on a quest to bring awareness, solutions, and hope to people who want to take charge of their health.

Most people are unaware that diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease and kidney failure.

Kris Rhymes of KRhymes Artistry has partnered with 1in9 to shine a light on kidney disease through his art and love for music.

“The Funky Diabetic”, which is part of Rhymes’ Cover to Cover Collection, pays tribute to Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest who passed away March 22, 2016 due to complications from diabetes. What many people don’t know is that he had been battling kidney disease for many years and was on dialysis.

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Malik Izaak Taylor (November 20, 1970 – March 22, 2016)

Rest in Power Phife Dawg

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Professional Artist Kris Rhymes was born and raised in South Phoenix. Rhymes had a fascination of Art at the age of 8 and slowly developed his talent to notable work which was soon took on as his profession.
Getting into the arts, it started as a way of seeing things that wasn’t his reality, creating out of the norm things, and training his eye to the things he visualizes. As years went by, Kris wanted to take his self taught talents and turn it into a business as an Entrepreneur.

His inspiration comes from human interaction, people, challenging the status quo, music and nature; seeing it at close detail and analyzing everything to his imagination by manifesting his thoughts on canvas.

Kris creates art that is tantalizing to the senses and musical nostalgia to the eyes! At 30, Kris Rhymes has two collections that are an extension to his Art brand of KRhymes Artistry, one using Chocolate Syrup and one using Music Album Covers.

His work has been exhibited in various venues such as
LBJ Museum, Tempe History Museum, ASU Community Gallery, HQ Gallery, and many others. Rhymes also plans to debut one of his collections from the series, “WhatcanyacallIt” in 2022.


The Funky Diabetic

11×14 Print

The Funky Diabetic

16×20 Print

The Funky Diabetic

18×24 Print

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The Funky Diabetic T-Shirt

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“The Funky Diabetic” by Kris Rhymes.

Created for 1in9 to raise awareness and pay tribute to Phife Dawg, who passed away from Diabetes & Kidney Disease March 22, 2016.

Proceeds support 1in9’s mission to change the trajectory of kidney disease and save millions of lives.

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